Cambodia: An Exotic Land Of Striking Beauty!

An embodiment of centuries old traditions, glorious culture, bountiful natural resources and vast natural beauty, Cambodia is a land that captivates you with its striking, resplendent beauty. There was a time when it was at the peak of prosperity and worldwide prominence during the reign of the Khmer Empire, but very soon a time came when the empire crumbled under various internal and external pressures and reached its decline.

That was incidentally towards the beginning of the colonial era. The French Colonizers soon took advantage of the political turmoil in the country, and this resulted in systematic plundering of the country for the next century.

From Turmoil to Growth and Development

It was only in 1953 when there was a ray of hope when the nation got rid of its colonizers after a long fight for independence. But the happiness was short lived as the power for control led to an outright civil war. Thereon the world witnessed the communist takeover of Cambodia with a power coup. This resulted in the country becoming a soviet ally and imposing an iron curtain upon itself.

But the biggest catastrophe that the country was to face was yet to come. In the 1970s, havoc was wreaked upon the civilians of this beautiful Asian country when there was a spree of deadly bombings carried out by the US. Centuries old developments were burned down to the ground, and the country was forced to spin back into a backward era of development.

Thereon, it took almost three decades for Cambodia to recover from the exorbitant losses. When the new millennium dawned, the erstwhile devastating Khmer Rouge regime got replaced with a more liberal government, and the country slowly and steadily took towards the path of modernization, globalization and development. Today, Cambodia is amongst the developing countries of Asia, witnessing rapid pace of industrialization and unlocking its vast natural resources for increasing prosperity.

Of all the national assets, the marine resources and tourism potential have brought Cambodia to the roadmap, greatly contributing to the GDP. And of course with a surge in GDP, one has witnessed the proliferation of industries, amongst which the mass media and television industry also hold precedence. The Cambodian Television Network is playing its own part in shaping up the nation’s economy, promoting education and bringing about well-grounded development in various spheres of national interest.

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