History Of Cambodian Television Network (CTN)

The history of the Cambodian Television Network popularly known by its acronym CTN, dates back to 2003, and over the past decade, it has grown phenomenally to include all kinds of educational programs and scientific documentaries, especially for children. The main program listing of this extremely popular channel is delightfully varietal, and suits the watching preferences of viewers of all age groups and with multiple interests.

But the best part about this national television channel is the fact that the content, apart from being top-notch and original, is completely family-oriented. So you needn’t worry whatsoever about any kind of late program, audio or visual content that borders around obscenity, use of excessive violence or anything that can be flagged inappropriate for children. On the contrary, subscribing to the Cambodian Television Network Channel offers the following advantages:-

  • Plenty of Educational Programs for children, especially during off-school time of the day
  • Fascinating and well-researched Documentaries not just on Science and Nature, but even History, Sociology etc.
  • Exclusive Food, Nutrition and Cookery Programs for Home Makers
  • Sports Programs Broadcast such as the Football World Cup
  • Extremely Popular Shows like CTN Coffee Shop, Behind the Scenes: Air Zero and Down This Road

The Royal Group

Being Cambodia’s biggest conglomerate with not just mere presence, but stronghold and stakes in various spheres of life such as trading, media, education, agriculture, commerce, banking, telecom, hospitality, real estate and commerce, the Royal Group had taken the lead in establishing the Cambodian Television Network that has such far and wide reach today. There was a time prior to the establishment of this network that television viewing, when there were just a handful of television channels and viewing options.

Today, the entire game has changed altogether, and the biggest onus goes to this Cambodian Conglomerate which took the lead in setting up CTN. Popular International TV Channel Names like HBO and Disney also shook hands with CTN, and there was absolutely no looking back thereafter.

The entire television and mass media industry of Cambodia was about to be revolutionized, and the one giant factor that was responsible was the globalization attempt of the prestigious Royal Group.

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