Modern Times Group

The iconic Sweden-based Modern Times Group has also given impetus to the Cambodian Television Network to soar up to its present status and caliber. While the primary reason for this has been the astute international recognition gained by the collaboration, the Cambodian TV Channels Fraternity has in itself been revived from an old-world, small-time and obscure industry, to one that exudes nation-wide prominence today.

It was around a decade and a half earlier when the Cambodia-based Royal Group and the Stockholm-based Modern Times Group came together to ponder over the possibilities of creating a Television Channels Network that would escalate TV viewing to international standards. Thus, the Cambodian Television Network with its myriad viewing options was formed.

CTN Online: Your Window to the World

Of course, during the inception of the Cambodian Television Network, there was no sign of internet television viewing as a tangible entity that would take up a major chunk of the market segment.

Today of course, the situation is completely different, and no business (irrespective of the industry or specific nature of business or magnitude) can survive without a substantial online presence. The fact that the television industry is one of the biggest components of mass media, makes it all the more necessary to filter out all the middlemen and get straight to the point on TRPs. Likewise, when a franchise as large as the CTN decided to shake the online plunge, the response was pretty massive, and continues to remain so till date.

Whether it is in the corporate world, the balancing act of business, customer preferences or globalization as a whole, the only thing that makes sense is that change is the only constant. And the fact that CTN has adapted and evolved itself suitably with all these variables that are constantly changing, makes it one of the most successful faces of not just the Asian Television Fraternity, but the Global Television Industry as a whole.

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